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Nov 6, 2012 4:00pm EST
've had voters standing in line for seven or eight hours in florida. we've had the secretary of state of ohio making last-minute decisions that are very questionable. you know, i heard our colleague andrea mitchell today call these lines to vote a poll tax and that's what we should all be talking about. if it was not for their efforts to suppress our vote, we would be sipping tea and talking about cricket today, but these things concern me and i think we're going to have a conversation after, i hope, the president is re-elected about how to guarantee people equal protection of their voting rights. >> it is absolutely staggering. joining us now is professor michael eric dyson who is in chicago. professor dyson, messrs. romney and ryan suggest re-electing the president will threaten the judeo-christian foundations of america, as you know, but isn't the truth that if we don't re-elect this president, then 50 million people will lose their health care, 23 million americans will lose the only assistance they have, and when they repeal dodd/frank, wall street just down the road from here wi
Nov 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
in florida. early voters were forced to wait up to seven hours. when election officials decided to open doors on sunday to accommodate voters discouraged by the long lines, democrats had to file a lawsuit after the republican mayor ordered them closed. joining me now from washington is karen finney a former dnc director, msnbc political analyst. and here with me is the great eugene robinson. welcome to both of you. gene, these long lines in florida are there because rick scott decided to cut the early voting days almost in half. 2.5 million people have voted early. yet we're expected to believe this has got nothing to do with politics. what is this man doing? >> well, there are two american traditions here at work. one is vote k problems in florida. this is something we like to do. and the second is republicans trying to restrict the franchise. if you can narrow the electorate and keep those democratic people, the system and throughout this election cycle we're seeing more of it. >> eugene, you use a voice that sounds accepting. this is appalling. >> i don't mean to. it is appalling. we've se
Nov 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. down two in his absolute must win florida. six, seven, eight years of campaigning and it's come down to this. romney still combing through the president's speeches trying to find anything that he might tether his message to, this time a line best served cold. >> yesterday the president said something you may have already heard, that i found troubling. spoke to an audience and said voting is the best revenge. he's asking us -- he is asking his supporters to vote for revenge. i'm asking you to vote for love of country. >> oh, for the love of christmas, three days to go. let's get right to our panel. with me here at democracy plaza is professor james peterson of lee high university, nbc contribute ari and little li gill of the excel alliance. ari, the fact that romney is still desperately trying to find a zinger from the president's speech indicates there's a problem, isn't there? he's just not winning. >> it is a bad sign if you're playing these kind of word games this close to the end. you want to be making a big, bold closing argument. that's not what you're seeing from the romney ca
Nov 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
that this karl want a network to reverse a call in florida in a prior election. you know,#c and then -- you kno could not for the life of me fathom someoneh after a landslide like this. joy and i talked about this, i did another show some weeks ago and said the president would get 30 0-plus electoral votes, as many as 330. everyone on that panel laughed me off as irrelevant and silly. and last night as the returns came in, this race was never close. it was never going to be the model that karl rove thought it was. certainly never was going to be on the model that dick morris thought it was. here is the clencher. they modeled this on 78% white turnout. >> yes. >> it was 72%. so white america is shrinking. they haven't come, you know, really to grips with that. >> joy, there are so many flaccid bags of toxic waste on the republican side at the moment. we have donald trump and, of course, the revolting john s iin he talks, dick morris and he said, i'm quoting, i predicted a romney landslide and instead we ended up with an obama squeaker. that's an obama squeaker. he's at 303, he could be at 330 w
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)